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12/31 - 4:45 pm - Circus in a Suitcase before the Knoxville New Years Eve Childrens Parade

12/31 - 6:30 pm - Stilt walking during the parade (Parade leaves from the East Tennessee Historical Society Building)

12/31 - 7:30 and 9:30 pm - Circus and Aerials with the Dragonfly Aerial Arts Studio at the Clinch YMCA

12/31 - 8:30 and 10:30 pm - Fire shows on Market Square

One World Circus draws upon cross-cultural traditions of community carnival and celebration. Our work aims to affirm both the dignity of every person and the joy of existance. We believe everyone can be an artist and that art has the power to transform the world.--->



"You all are very professional performers who have a nice repertoire of aerial dance, stilts and fire handling. You all would  add pizazz to any event and you are especially good with children: both entertaining and teaching."

Angela Howard, Owner of Urbhana, Aerial Teacher and Life Coach

"We booked One World Circus for our Children's Festival of Reading. Lissa and Jake did a wonderful job of leading our parade and engaging families in the Circus in a Suitcase. They are creative, fun and inspiring. Furthermore, they were very responsible and professional. We look forward to working with them again in the future."

Mary Pom Claiborne, lead staff at the Knox County Public Library

"One World Crcus gets kids involved in leading. Their afterschool circus program  helps give kids the tools they need to become leaders. Trust and self confidence are outcomes that lead to leading."

Dr. Robert Kronick, Professor of Educational Psychology University of Tennesse at Knoxville, and Director of the University Assisted Community School Program 

"I had the privilege and good fortune to work with Jake Weinstein back in 2005 on a school production called "African Tales." The show called for a Sky God and a giant named Abiyoyo. Unable to represent them as larger than life characters with only elementary school children, I was put in contact with Jake through New Haven's Educational Center for the Arts. The rest, as they say, is history. Jake and I hit it off quickly and his knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of the arts inspired me and my students. Since then we have worked on various projects and plays. In 2007, Lissa came in to give us a hand and technical advice on a play we were doing and things really took off. What's great about Jake and Lissa is their commitment to their craft and the children. As an educator, I am impressed to see them incorporating cross curriculum ideas, including math, social studies, physical education, and critical problem solving. Through their work students have tackled problems involving levers and pulleys, understood how to use and implement power tools and have done calculations that have even left me boggled! During our time together we have collaborated on making two giant puppets approximately 15 feet tall, several full head masks, set pieces like giant icebergs, ships, and thrones, diving penguins, a Greek monster (Medusa), and a 14 ft long, 8 foot tall elephant seal. During the time they spend with the children, Jake and Lissa have willingly shared their knowledge, skills, and abilities with my students. Not only are they amazing puppeteers, but they are superb circus performers. My students can't believe how well they juggle, stilt walk, and utilize the Diablo! For inner city students, having them exposed to this genre of art is a real and rare treat. I have been very fortunate to get to work with wonderful and dedicated professionals like Jake and Lissa and even luckier to call them friends. Whenever I do a show or production, they are always the first people I look to pull on board. Their advice and help is invaluable. As a director and an educator it is a great feeling to know that my students are engaged, enthusiastic, and safe working with Jake and Lissa. I look forward to our next collaboration."

Reginald Augustine, Art Teacher/Director, New Haven Public Schools

"One World Circus worked with my middle school students at Nature's Way Montessori School to perform a circus for the entire elementary community- what a fantastic experience! My students learned a host of individual skills like stilt-walking, trapeze, Chinese yo-yo, juggling, unicycling and plate-spinning. In addition, Jake and Lissa were fantastic at teaching students elements of group cooperation through a variety of team-building activites. As a result, students were able to perform ladder-balancing and pyramid acts; even more importantly, students how to work together to solve problems peacefully and gained a sense of cohesion, cooperation, and confidence. Jake and Lissa were exceptionally knowledgable, patient, and encouraging in their interactions with the students and were able to build strong rapport. I was amazed to see all of my students' hidden talents revealed... as was the rest of the school! One World Circus not only offers excellent instruction, but puts on an entertaining show for children and adults alike."

Nancy VanWinkle, Nature's Way Montessori School Teacher

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